Frequently Asked Questions


What Can You Do With the Information We Give You?

We help you find the best coverage that fits within your budget. The decision to purchase is up to you, and if you choose to, we’ll be there to answer any of your questions all along the way. Regardless of your decision, we won’t sell your information or give it away.


Which Insurance Carriers do you Work With?

Our Wizards have done the hard work of reviewing all major insurance carriers, and have selected only those we know are the most ethical and financially stable. To do this we start with their Comdex ranking, which is a composite score, that averages the scores given by insurance rating organizations, such as A.M. Best, Fitch, Moody’s and S&P.

We then analyzed the contract language of each of these carriers, to find those that can provide you with the best coverage, at the best price, while avoiding those with sticky “gotcha clauses” buried in the fine print.


Are Policy Wizards Sales People?

No. We’re a team of insurance and technology professionals, who recognize the importance of insurance, but know it’s a daunting task to find the right policy. Much of the insurance industry, particularly the high-sales and high-pressure techniques of older days have remained unchanged. By creating an accessible combination of technology and one-to-one expert support, we can help you achieve whatever risk-management policy you’re looking for.


Are You Affiliated With Specific Insurance Carriers?

No. Policy Wizards is an independent insurance brokerage company. We’re here to help you assess your needs for your specific situation, then find the right insurance carriers for you.


What is Insurance Underwriting?

Insurance underwriting is the process that insurance carriers go through before they enter into any new policy. They are looking at what the risk factors are in insuring that customer and if they believe the policy will be profitable for them.


What’s the Difference between Life-Insurance Underwriting vs. Disability-Insurance Underwriting?

Life Insurance is looking at your age and risk factors to determine your life expectancy (mortality rate), while disability insurance is looking at your likelihood of becoming ill (morbidity rate).


Can I Get Coverage if Don’t Have Perfect Health?

Yes! One of the most important missions we’ve got here at Policy Wizards is to help insure anyone who needs it, especially those with less than perfect health histories. Finding coverage for challenging health issues, even those that are life threatening, is a specialty of ours.

If your question isn’t answered above or within one of the other sections, simply click to connect with one of our Wizards.